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Most common e-commerce problems in customer service

The popularity of online shopping is increasing and in 2020 it has reached an incredible point in its popularity.

Buying online is simpler, faster and in those turbulent times – much saferthan going to a mall. Clients can not only find the best deals, but they can also learn moreabout the products they want to buy from other people’s reviews. And it’s not only the lowprices or the range of the offer because customer experience has already overtaken price andproduct as the key brand differentiator.

In the world of advantages, there are still some issues you might want to solve in your
e-commerce, to make online buying even more convenient for your clients! By the end of2022 e-commerce is expected to claim 17% of the entire industry. While the industry changes, some behaviours of clients remain the same.So what are the most common issues with customer service faced by e-commerce?

1.Unpersonalized approach You want your clients to feel well connected with your
That way youronline shop will become their top-of-mind when it comes to purchasing things youhave to offer. Study shows that clients who return regularly to your online store tendto buy a few times more products than regular customers! There is a simple way tobuild this attachment and all it takes is a little bit of personalization. You don’t wantyour clients to feel disjointed and you don’t want this relation to be impersonal. Manye-commerce owners think that getting to this personalized approached towards everysingle customer is difficult. However, with help of Labelcall you can easily learnclients name, their last purchase and know what issue they’re most probably want totalk with you, before answering your phone. That gives you an opportunity to answerthe phone and greet them with their name. And trust us – in terms of personalization,when a client hears her/his name, that’s a big gamechanger!

2. Long calls There are some phone calls that last for about a minute and your client hangs up thephone feeling satisfied. But that’s a minority. Most of the phones customer service receives takes far longer than that and they are tiring for both ends of the line. Moreover, spending too much time on one customer can cost you another! It is also demotivating for both you and your client to have long calls in order to deal with the simplest issue – and you have to learn all the necessary details before you can helpthem. Luckily for you, Labelcall gives you a chance to know everything you need to know before even picking up your phone. So instead of having a long inquiry, you can simply answer the phone, asking them if they are calling about this specific thing,that they purchased last time. That gives you at least a minute from every call!

3. Same scenarios Every call starts the same – you ask what is the reason for the call, then you asked for the name, the number of the order, then you have to find it in your base and then you can answer the question the client is calling you with. Finding the place of order’s number can be tricky for some customers too, so that takes another time of explaining where is it located. That’s the same scenario, ran over and over again. And that can be demotivating for your customer support team. Which is a problem for two reasons: demotivated teams tend to feel worse and therefore achieve worse results. And your clients can hear it. Therefore they can feel that the approach of your support is not really personalized and the call is taking longer than it should. Labelcall allows you to change the status quo of every phone call you receive, by delivering the most important information beforehand. That way your clients can feel that it’s not a script your cs team is reading from, but an actual conversation with an actual human being. And let’s face it – everyone prefers to buy from a living human being, than from acorporate scenarios-reading machine!

4. Feeling a lack of security We are all rather concerned about security and online data privacy. Your clients areno different! What may concern e-commerce owners is security. You need access to your client data in order to provide secured services. That’s why your site needs clients’ consent for sharing their data with third-parties. But how to get a personalized approach when your clients are concerned about sharing their personal data? Luckily almost 80% of buyers online are ready to share their personal data with the online companies that provide them with clear information of why they are gathering those data. Labelcall has it covered. By using a data encryption system, Labelcall does not store any phone numbers. That prevents external parties from committing a data leakage from Labelcall platform. It also highly controls the entire access to any data,by using the highest authentication standards.

5. Negative client experience This is not something you want to get rid of, but rather something you don’t want tohave in the first place. Turning a negative experience into a positive one is a verydifficult challenge. In order for your clients to feel positive about your online store, you need to consider things listed above: personalization, short calls, human approach, security. It is all achievable with the use of the right tool. And we are proud to deliver this tool to you. Labelcall has got all it takes for you to gain a positive client opinion on your
e-commerce or turn a negative client experience into a positive one!



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