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How Labelcall can improve your e-commerce

Good customer service equals positive customer experience equals customer's loyalty equals higher sales.

It’s the equation every e-commerce owner desires. But how can you start it? Seems like the only missing piece is a system that delivers best customer service while helping you save time and focus on your work. This missing piece is Labelcall. But how exactly can it improve your e-commerce?

On our blog we’ve already explained what is Labelcall exactly and we went through 3 things
that Labelcall can improve . Now let’s go through some typical scenarios that you might
encounter in your customer service that will show you specifically how Labelcall can
improve your e-commerce.

1. Repeated questions

There are some clients who tends to ask you repeatedly with pretty much the same set
of questions
and the most common among them being ‘What is the status of my
package?’. Those calls takes a lot of your time and can cost you other unanswered
calls from other unhandled clients. Labelcall alows you not only to know whether it is
actualy a good idea to answer the phone straight away, but also to know the answer to
those most frequently asked questions even before picking up the phone!

2. Clients calling after-hours

There are also other clients who tend to call you right after you close the laptop. Or
when you’re driving home. Or when you’re getting ready to go to sleep (and that’s
pretty much the worst!). Luckily with a little help from Labelcall you will be able to
see who is calling you – whether it’s a business-related call you don’t really want to
answer after-hours or a private call you might want to take.
It works especially well
for those of you who work on one device and one phone number, used both for your
private and work-related calls. That way you will not find yourself talking to a client
for 30 minutes, just as your favourite tv show starts and your entire family is waiting
for you to finish this accidentaly-started conversation!

3. Prioritization

All clients are extremely important. However there are some situations in which you
simply cannot take a client’s phone. But on the other hand…
there are some clients’
calls that you want to answer always, no matter what you’re doing right now. There is
this one specific group of them, that all e-commerce owners should know pretty well
and want to have a lot of clients in this specific group. The ones that are the most
loyal, that tend to buy a lot of products and are basically amazing reason why you
entered a particullar business in the first place! Labelcall gives you chance not to miss
any of their calls, as you will know perfectly well who is calling you.

4. Missed calls

Anytime you miss a call from one of your clients – whether from the group of the ones
that are constantly asking the same question, the ones that are complaining a lot or
from the top clients – you know well who to call back first. Labelcall delivers all the
necessary information on who has been calling you and when.
Just like any mobile
device? Not exactly, as Labelcall sends you precise information not only who was
trying to reach you, but also their latest purchase, its status and all the information you
think are the most important when it comes to your clients.

5. Discounts

Some clients just deserve a special something. A bonus, a discount, a free gift to make
them feel loved by your business.
But discounts are not only for those who deserve it
– discounts are also a good way to smoother things up between you and your clients,
whenever your relationship gets a bit colder. Labelcall gives you insight on what your
client was purchasing before, so whenever you feel like it is time to reward them or
just give them a discount it might be a good idea to mention the product they’ve
purchased in the past. And perhaps ask them whether they want to buy it again, but
this time with a discount.


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