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How knowing the customer’s needs can increase sales

The relationships you build with your customers are the strength of your business.

However, in a world where your customers are in full control, when they want to get everything now and now, those relationships can go bad quickly. If customers don’t find your product or service helpful, they won’t benefit from having it. Alternatively, they won’t know about it and will stop paying you. If you don’t care about this relationship and show that it’s you who should be the one, you’ll be dumped like a class nerd before prom. 

And the client?
The client will use a solution that will offer him
more or the benefits will be simply clearer.

What makes a big difference today is the approach to the customer. If you come to the customer with a product you want to sell to him, you often lose at the very start. The customer today does not expect a best-in-class product from you, but an effective solution to his problems. Imagine your reaction to a salesperson who comes to you with the best copier on the market with the best parameters and perhaps even at a great price, when your biggest problem is the mess in the flow of documentation in the office.

First, you will avoid meeting him because you have more important problems on your mind.

Secondly, you will definitely be demanding and you will treat his proposal as an opportunity for better conditions, because he cares about closing the project.

Now the same situation, but a salesperson comes to you with a message that he can solve your problem thanks to a device that will quickly copy and segregate the documentation and replace several devices scattered around the office. By the way, the proposed solution will help you control the costs related to printing in the office.

The roles are completely reversed and now the trader is your cure for your problems, not your next problem. Now you are strongly interested in the proposal and want to continue the talks.

The strategy to help the customer may turn out to be better than all sales techniques.

So remember that

Every contact affects customer service.
It’s scary how quickly you can turn a good customer experience and a company’s reputation to dust. In contact with the client, every little thing counts.

Humility is the virtue of an ideal consultant

The customer is always right. Even if you think that the application is unfounded, because it works for you, and the button has not disappeared anywhere, it may mean that you need to make some changes to your application or store to improve UX. It also doesn’t mean that you have to be his humble servant and footstool like a Toudi for the „Prince.” A good relationship with the client requires establishing transparent rules of cooperation. Don’t promise what you can’t give, be patient and solve problems.

Apologizing is an art

However manageable. First, accept the complaint. Then apologize, thank you for the report and finally ask what you can do to make up for the mistake. Of course, everything is within common sense.

Customer service never rests, but it also has its limits

Customer service should work 24/7 through social media. However, this is impossible to do. People can get irritated, and probably will, that you don’t answer their phone calls at the weekend at 7 am. However, a good client service sets times when it helps its contractors and prospects to solve problems.

Little things work wonders

Remember facts about your customers and prospects and surprise them the next time you call them. Use the CRM tool and build a knowledge base about your contacts.

Emotions can also be positive

Take care of the so-called emotional desing your message. Even automated emails from client service that help make you laugh, interest you or are just „cool” will help build relationships and bring your customers closer to you.

Customer service is endless

Current, past and future customers – they all matter. You never know when a former customer will come back to you, offering, for example, a lifetime deal. You have to remember that the action provokes a reaction, and you will transform the positive ones into the company’s success.

Customer service is countable

The most important rule. All you need to do is use the metrics I wrote about above. You will know if you are effective in what you do or if you are just giving your clients even more headaches.


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