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Define the items

E-commerce has been a dynamically developing distribution channel in recent years. For many companies, it turns from a secondary or additional way of selling goods and services into the main source of access to customers.

As the main sources of electronic sales, we understand online stores, online auctions, platforms promoting group purchases, contextual advertising, affiliate programs. This wide group is also joined by telephone applications and social media with increasing power. It is worth noting that electronic sales develop not only thanks to technological progress, the legal aspect also plays a huge role. The resulting regulations and provisions organizing e-business issues mean that Internet users on the buyers and sellers side cannot feel unpunished, so the other party to the transaction can approach the contractor with greater trust. Therefore, if we have internet demand, it is definitely worth seizing the opportunity to develop a thriving e-business.

Thinking about your e-commerce and tracking the necessary data, it is important to keep in mind that your numbers will get better when your customers will feel more satisfied with your services. Personalization and delivering a great customer experience is one of the steps Labelcall is ready to help you take to make your clients more satisfied and your e-commerce more prosperous.

E-commerce is not only about providing a potential customer with an attractive offer through such tools as a website, online store, auctions, social media, etc. Success in e-commerce is also the art of finding the target customer. It is said that the Internet gives the opportunity to reach a very wide range of recipients, this is obviously true, but not every recipient can become a customer, and it is the latter’s considerations most important to entrepreneurs offering products and services.

Personalize Labelcall app according to your needs.

Define the items that you will display along with the connection from the client.

The competition is high in basically every business. Customers are looking for companies that can deliver answers to their questions fast. They don’t want to spend hours searching for answers and waiting for their issues to be taken care of. They contact a company only when they need to. 

Being efficient and accurate is not enough anymore – your customer support needs to be faster than your competitor’s. Being fastest is what makes your company stand out in the business. We all hate waiting and customers hate it more than others. What sounds like a cliche can be a game-changing approach in your business. Labelcall helps you deliver answers to your customers faster and it’s a win:win situation, as they get the fastest possible customer service and you save time on helping them.

Knowing all the details about the client and their orders, you can provide them with crucial information right away and meet their expectations. Make your calls shorter and support more clients at the same time.

With the information about the client’s last orders, you can offer them additional products that will complement their previous purchases. Answer customers’ needs before they think about them.

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How does it work?

Configure your profile in 3 simple steps and use all the possibilities of the application. Just install Labelcall plug-in through your App Store and on your mobile phone.



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