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Shopify Apps For Managing Your Inventory

Shopify is a real game-changer in terms of setting an online shop and selling your
products worldwide. There are hundreds of apps that can help you increase your
sales. But it can be difficult to choose the ones that are really beneficial for
growing your online business. Luckily for you, we can introduce you to some of
the apps that can help you manage your inventory on Shopify! 

Obviously, the one app that will make your contacts with clients easier, the one that will help you save a lot of time, quickly establish clients’ loyalty, by increasing their positive experience with your shop is Labelcall. But let’s not brag too much about how great we are. Let’s have a quick look at some other apps that can help you with setting and organizing online sales in Shopify and manage the inventory of your online shop! There are many free Shopify plugins that can help you with the functionality of your e-commerce shop. Some of them will help you handle your inventory, sell your products and will make contacts with your clients simple (just like Labelcall!). Others will help you promote your online shop, reward your customers or deliver a personalized approach to each and every client (again, just like Labelcall!). But what you might find useful are apps gives you something that’s also essential for your online operations: inventory management. Start keeping track of all your orders and stock levels with one of these apps!

1. Spocket

StockSync is probably the most popular inventory management tool available for Shopify
e-commerce. Its current review rate is 4,7/5 with over 700 positive reviews! It also seems like
a perfect app for your online store inventory to start with, as it offers 14-days free trial and
paid plans start at $5 per month, so it’s definitely worth a try. It offers over 60 methods of
load inventory feeds and it makes managing an online store with multiple suppliers very easy.
It works for an empty store with products ready, updates inventory even without adding the
products using Stock Syn and it gives you a chance to manipulate products’ pricing with the
pricing rule. You can also manage multiple suppliers or drop shipper feed and you got to
choose to update over 20 different product fields, such as title, images, tags, description, etc.
Stock Sync also supports scheduled inventory updates.

2. StockSync

While keeping an eye on data it is pretty obvious that ‘BigData’ is what you should be looking at. It allows you to understand your visitors and clients better. What products do they like? Why they entered your shop in the first place? What else might be interesting for them? What should you include as a suggested product underneath another specific product? When do they tend to go online shopping? This knowledge can help you know your visitors better, as you will know their behaviours. It will also allow you to create a specific marketing campaign that will answer those questions and will be more appealing for your visitors/clients. The result of that can later be seen in the conversion rate! Big Data is also something you might find in working with Labelcall, as you will know best what to look at while getting to know your clients!

3. Wholesale Catalog Maker

Wholesale Catalog Maker is a DIY B2B catalogue with a custom wholesale pricing and
multi-currency. It allows you to automatically create B2B catalogue with over 45 available
templates. It provides you with a fully customizable drag and drop editor, so basically, there
are no design skills required to use its 100% potential. With Wholesale Catalog Maker, you
can increase the conversion by allowing your clients to place orders directly into the
catalogue. You can also align your wholesale strategy. And it’s all in one place! It starts with
a 14-day free trial and then you get to choose from two different plans: Essential for $25 per
month and Studio for $50 per month

4. TradeGecko

TradeGecko allows you to sell your products across different sales channels with ease. It
gives you a chance to gain control over your online store, to manage your orders and your
warehouse and generate detailed reports. What’s interesting is that TradeGecko comes with a
mobile sales app, so you can manage it all on the go! TradeGecko can be integrated with
accounting apps, so it enables you to synchronize revenue with costs!
Pricing starts with $39 per month for the most basic version of the app. The most popular
version of TradeGecko costs $199 per month, but you can also go for the Business plan for
$599 per month. Luckily, you can request a free, 14-day trial, to see if it’s an app that suits
your business.

5. Trunk

Trunk automatically synchronizes your inventory across all of your online stores in real-time
and can detect changes in stock levels that were made by other integrations and sync
accordingly, as it plays well with other integrations. And it’s not that expensive, so if you’re
looking for something affordable, you should really consider Trunk. Prices start at $29 per
month and there are two plans of paying: essential and pro. Prices depend on the number of
your monthly orders. You can also request a free 14-day trial, which is always a good idea.
Currently, Trunk syncs stock levels only, but the LA-based team is working on being able to
sync listings and orders in real-time as well, so you might want to keep your eye on that!

6. AfterShip

Unfortunately, there are times when your customers are not 100% happy with their orders
and they want to return the product. It can be difficult and stressful to manage this process.
Luckily, AfterShip is a simple app that makes the entire product returns process easy and
stress-free. Aftership enables your clients to return their orders to you within a couple of
clicks. It also informs them about the status of their returns and refunds.
As they claim on their website, AfterShip helps you build brand loyalty and turn returns into
repurchases. And that’s what makes them a must-have app for your online store. Customers
returning their orders don’t even have to e-mail you, they do it within a few simple clicks.
Later you notify them about the acceptance, rejection, exchange and refund in a timely
manner. You can even create your own notifications. It also enables you to set advanced
returns rules to match your returns policy.
What’s amazing is that you get it for free for 50 shipments per month! The Essential plan
starts at $9 per month, so that’s still rather affordable, considering the stress and time it saves

7. Printful

Printful allows you to create and sell your custom products online. It’s an easy
print-on-demand drop shipping and fulfilment warehouse service. With this app you can start
your own business easily with no high-skills. You are able to design your own engraved
jewellery, shirts, posters, postcards, mugs, socks, joggers and face masks and more! After
creating the chosen items, simply take orders from your store. Printful will send them to your
customers. So there is no need to manage your inventory or to even print shipping labels.
Pricing depends on the number and type of products you sell.

8. Ship Hero

ShipHero is the complete cloud & mobile solution for your warehouses and 3PLs. This app
gives you order and inventory management, picking, packing, shipping, returns and reports,
so pretty much everything you need to care about while running an online selling business.
ShipHero helps you to operate with the mobile app. Every movement of your inventory is
tracked in real-time. It allows you to manage all inventory-related issues in one place and it
allows you to order your fulfilment smarter and faster. Additional features include advanced
cycle counting, purchase order management, self-generated customer returns and many,
many more. The pricing starts at $1850 per month.

9. Back in Stock

Back in Stock is a very handy app, whenever you run out of your best selling products. It
seems like a very simple app. However, it is extremely useful whenever you lack those
products that your clients love so much. Back in Stock simply enables your customers to sign
up and to be notified with an email or a text message (or both!) the second a product they
wanted is back in your online shop. Not only that but Back in Stock also helps you
understand which products are the most popular amongst your buyers. That helps you
properly manage your stock. It is very simple to set up and easy to customize, so it can meet
your needs completely while helping you stop losing sales when your inventory runs out.
You also can try it out for free for 14 days. and the basic plan starts at $19 per month. That
includes 100 notifications per month. For $79 per month, you get 50,000 notifications! Well
worth a try!

10. Oberlo

Oberlo is yet another useful app for your Shopify store. It allows you to find products that
you want to sell and customize them before adding them to your online shop. Oberlo also
allows you to test how well you can sell new products without the need of paying upfront –
you simply sell first and buy later, with no paying suppliers up to the point when your
customers pay you for the product. With Oberlo all you do is sell and your inventory is sorted
by your suppliers and shipped directly into your buyers. Using Oberlo’s in-depth product
statistics can help you choose the right products to sell. You can also track every order and
manage your pricing efficiently, by using Oberlo’s automated tools to change pricing. Oberlo
has 3 plans and a 14-day free trial. The Starter plan, however, is free.

11. Skubana

Skubana’s goal is to provide sellers, such as yourself, with a centralized platform, a nervous
system, for every single operation you make. It unifies the tools necessary for an online shop
to operate smoothly, effectively and efficiently. Skubana automates repetitive tasks while
thinking on profitability, forecasting and demand planning. It powers orders, business
intelligence and inventory for the retailers. With Skubana you have a chance to learn seasonal
trends of sales, that will help you improve your bottom line while reducing unnecessary
expenses. Adding that to the cost-cutting alerts and you get a real game-changer for your
online store. The pricing starts with a minimum fee of $999 per month, so it may seem like an
app for the bigger players.

12. Sellbrite

Sellbrite is a multi-channel selling software. It allows you to list and sell your products on the
largest marketplaces. Sellbrite helps you listing your products for sale fast, and with a robust
catalogue, you can make your clients see your products better. With smart listing technology,
you reduce the time you need to list all your products and prepare them for sales. You
basically spend less time listing and more time selling, which is always a win! Whether you
need to make a change in all of your products (such as i.e. Cyber Monday) or in only one of
them, Sellbrite links your listings back to one central catalogue. You make this change only
once and it updates everywhere you sell this product. It’s worth a try, especially with a
30-day free trial!

13. SKUlabs

SKUlabs is another all-in-one solution for your e-commerce. It offers real-time inventory
control and synchronization and allows you to manage all your multi-channels orders in one
place, giving you up-to-date inventory counts for all of your products. With SKUlabs you can
eliminate every picking and shipping error and reduce the time you spent on order returns and
refunds. This order picking helps you save thousands per year and you can pick using paper
lists, any mobile device or a computer. Moreover, you can process shipments and print labels
from any shipping carrier without the need of switching between shipping software and ship
faster, using memorized shipment settings and automation rules! Just to make it simpler:
SKUlabs helps you process and organize your multi-channel orders, measure your analytics
and connect to all of your software. The Basic plan is $499 per month and The Pro is $799
per month.

14. Stocky

Stocky offers a host of advanced features for inventory management. With Stocky you can
create and manage purchase orders from one place and communicate more effectively with
your vendors and suppliers while having a clear view of what’s coming for your e-commerce
and when. That’s thanks to the demand forecasting. You get recommendations on the
products you sell, based on your sales rate. With that at hand, you know which products are
the key products for your business in terms of profitability and you know what you should
re-order and when. Stock transfers are also made easy with Stocky, as you can simply
replenish your stock quickly and transfer products from one location to the other in your
Shopify admin panel or in Shopify POS. Using in-depth reporting will help you make the
best inventory decisions and access to analytics will make everything clear.

15. Pre-Order Manager

Pre-Order Manager can be very helpful for, that’s right, pre-ordering products from your store. it’s not only great for your clients, but it’s also helpful for you, as you learn which items are most likely going to turn into bestsellers! With Pre-Order Manager you can set pre-order status automatically as you run out of your stock. You can also apply discounts on all the pre-ordered items. The dashboard lets you search and filter your products by collection, vendor, pre-order status, product type and discount, which allows you to enable or disable individual settings to filtered products. With advanced analytics, you get pre-order reports that help you plan future pre-sales better. 

16. Katana

Katana lets you manage your raw materials and your finished products from the same place. It’s a weapon of choice for those e-commerce owners who produce their own products instead of reselling items created by others. It allows you to simply synchronize sales with production, import sales orders from Shopify and visually manage order fulfilment. With Katana you instantly know whether you have enough materials and finished products for fulfilling your online sales. You can also schedule production and track manufacturing floor-level progress live, which helps you plan your manufacturing better. Also, you are able to assign production tasks to team members, which makes it even more efficient! The Essential plan costs $99 per month and an additional $29 per month for each extra user. The Pro Plan costs $299 per month with an additional $39 per month for each additional user. However, you get a 14-day free trial.

17. Peoplevox

Peoplevox seems like an app for the biggest online stores. It was created by Descartes, a top-player in logistics across the world and it was designed for Shopify plus users exclusively. On their website, they write that they are not an all-in-one startup, which is something that not many companies tend to claim, but it is also a proof that they are strictly focused on one specific area and on a specific type of customers – the ones who run their own warehouse and sell products online direct to consumers and who has already reached initial scale and who have outgrown spreadsheets or entry-level apps. It scales to your order volume automatically. In this case, however, it’s best to contact Descartes by yourself, both in terms of whether they are fit for your business and in terms of pricing. 

Remember, that proper management of your inventory is a must for every online store.
It can help you understand the turnover of your inventory and set the proper stock
numbers in your warehouses and storages. Add it to Labelcall and you are on the right
way to run a successful and effective e-commerce business!


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