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What is Labelcall

It's extremely important to help your clients contact you fast and efficiently. There are many ways they can reach out to you and all of them have their pros and cons. Whether they contact you via phone, chat, email, live chat or any other way it’s worth considering implementing a tool that gives you best of all worlds. And we highly believe that Labelcall is the platform that offers just that!

A study conducted by Digitas in 2015 proves that 87% of the clients who were given a
personalized offer and a personalized customer service tend to buy more. It is rather
straightforward that good customer service equals higher sales. Our main goal is to increase
the quality of customer service through a personalized approach during a phone call. By
doing so we aim to deliver higher sales numbers for any e-commerce that decided to
implement Labelcall. But how do we do it?

To keep it short: Labelcall is a system that identifies a customer who calls a specific mobile
phone number. We do it on the basis of information previously stored in our external
systems, designed for small and medium-sized companies. The platform consists of an
application installed on a smartphone and of a cloud service. After starting to use the service,
the customer integrates with it and sends customers’ phone numbers. With that, it also sends
the most essential information your e-commerce needs. These information can be
continuously updated so that everything is still up to date. Before answering the call, the
application user views the critical information regarding the calling client. It helps in sorting
those that are the most important and those that tend to call with not-important inquiries or
the ones that are not very likely to be convinced to the product your e-commerce is selling.


It might seem like a complicated system, but the truth is it is quite simple to use while it is
still extremely beneficial for all your e-commerce needs. What may concern e-commerce
owners is security. But Labelcall has it covered completely. Not only we use data encryption
system, but we also do not store any phone numbers, preventing any external parties from
committing a data leakage from our platform. We highly control entire access to any data
using the highest authentication standards. All the data are secure with Labelcall! The way
Labelcall acquires these data is also rather simple – you integrate your e-commerce with the
app and agree to process them. Your e-commerce sends us the data we need in order to help
you engage with your clients more efficiently, giving them the feeling of you knowing all the
necessary details about their purchase.

The entire call with your client does not start simply by picking up the phone. First, you see
all the necessary information about the client, that will help you save a lot of time. You see
their name, the number of their order and all specifications about this order, such as the
number of items, delivery method, or i.e. sizes. Thanks to Labellcall you know them right
away and there is no need to ask the same questions over and over, so there’s no need for the
verbal identification. It means that every time you receive their call – you can welcome them
by their name! It might sound irrelevant, but for the customer experience, that’s something
that is not very common and therefore creates a valuable bond. This process not only helps
you save some time (and let’s not forget the evergreen cliche – the time is money!), but your
clients also feel that they’re in good hands and that the customer support knows immediately
what issue are they dealing with. The same thing applies to missed calls. Before calling back
your clients you can see the very same information, so you know who you’re calling back
and what might be their concern!

Labelcall is an app that’s truly beneficial for both sides. We help you support your clients and
customers, but we also assure them they are well taken care of. And that’s what buildstrue customers’ loyalty!


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