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Integrate Labelcall with your shop for free to get access to all the clients’ information through your mobile phone whenever they’re calling. Save your time and money, create a personalized experience for your clients.

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What you'll gain?

The Labelcall app enables real profits for your company through phone customer support.

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Customize the application to your needs

Labelcall is flexible. You choose the information that will be displayed on your smartphone screen along with the incoming call:

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Customer Name


Last order ID




Last order date


Last order modification date

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Last order user comment

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Last order status

Credit Card

Average order value

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Products in shopping cart - Value


Products in shopping cart - Amount


Last order note

Credit Card

All orders value



City / Organization

Organization name




Przewidywanie tematu rozmowy

Od teraz w aplikacji możliwe jest przewidywanie tematu rozmowy dzwoniącego klienta na podstawie historii interakcji klienta z firmą oraz jego preferencji.

Dzięki temu agent obsługi klienta może szybciej i skuteczniej zareagować na zgłoszenie, zapewniając lepszą jakość obsługi. Przewidywanie tematu rozmowy może pomóc również w skierowaniu rozmowy do odpowiedniego działu, co zwiększa efektywność i skuteczność całego procesu obsługi.

Greet customer by their name

Personalized contact and relevant customer information help you build strong, long-term relationships. Customers are also willing to pay more for a quality service.

Support Customer Service

Automate your customer service and sales easily. Without time-consuming data verification, the work of the customer service becomes easier and more effective.

Save time and money

If you know all the important information and the status of your client's order, you can get right to the point and meet their expectations. Shorter conversations mean not only more satisfaction for the caller, but also more handled conversations and thus higher profits.

Full mobility

Stay in touch with your customers anytime, anywhere. By integrating Labelcall into your platform, you always have your entire contact database at your fingertips. This allows you to contcact your customers efficiently, even when you are travelling by car or outside regular business hours.

Always be ready for the call

With information about a customer’s recent orders, you can offer them additional products that complement their previous purchases. Be responsive to the needs of your customers even before they think about them!

Increase your sales

With the status or recent purchases shown on the screen, you can offer your callers additional products that are of interest to them. In a conversation, you can suggest a service or a product that is perfectly tailored to the customer.

What do customers say about us?

Our customers feel special when they are greeted by their name when we pick up the phone. Having knowledge about the customer at the time of the call makes it possible to improve the processing of existing orders. We recommend it.
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Bookstore Owner

Excellent app. An enormous simplification of business activity, thanks to which we have all the information available in the conversation with the customer, from name and login to the order status in the system. Great!
Tavares Owner

Labelcall has made it easier for us to provide customer service by telephone. When we pick up the phone, we usually know what problem the customer is calling us with, so our response is quick and the conversation is kept to a minimum.
Ewa Owner


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