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With Labelcall, you will save not only your time, but also the time of your callers. Instead of answering the anonymous call, greet the customer by their name and offer them exactly what they are looking for.

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Quick tutorial and done! Our support will help you set up Labelcall with your shop and configure the app to your needs.

Make your work easier

Simple and effective customer service

Build positive experiences and strengthen relationships through personalized customer communication. Surveys show customers are willing to pay more for quality service.* 

*Up to 75% of consumers surveyed are willing to pay more if the service and related shopping experiences are more positive.
State of Marketing 2019 – Salesforce Report, 2019 |

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Full mobility

Stay in touch with your customers always and everywhere 



If you are unable to accept the call, the app will remind you to call back



Provide your interlocutors with tailor-made solutions