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Top 3 things that Labelcall changes in your e-commerce

Customer service is extremely important for a variety of reasons.

Here at Labelcall think it’s the main one is creating a customer experience, which is their perception of their own experience with your e-commerce, the result of every single interaction with you. To put it simply: it’s what they think of you. It is a very important part of every successful business. But the experience of your clients is not the only thing Labelcall can improve your e-commerce.

1. Managing your time

Taking care of all your customer’s needs might be and most definitely will be time-consuming. In most cases, when you support them via phone, you need to ask specifically about their name, the number of their purchase, sometimes they will ask you where this number can be found, you need to explain to them where it is located, then you have to wait for them to find it and give it to you, you have to search what is their purchase and after finding it you can ask them what is the reason they are calling you. And from that point, they will start explaining which might also take a while. Labelcall shortens this to a minimum. Before answering your phone you will see all the necessary details about your client, including not only the name and the number of the purchase, but also you will learn when was the last time they have called you and what was their issue back then. It shortens the entire phone conversation, but it also helps you build a relationship with your client, based on a positive client’s experience.

2. Positive clients’ experience

Imagine visiting an online store. Let’s say it’s a hardware store, where you previously bought your computer. That was two years ago. Now you go through the list of products and you see something that catches your eye. It’s a gaming keyboard, just what you were looking for. But you have a specific question you want to ask about it. Is it compatible with the computer you bought earlier? You call this store. The person on the other side of the line greets you by your name. Not only they know your name, but they know what was the exact computer you bought before when you did it. You don’t need to start from the top and the entire conversation lasts less than a minute. You can feel they know you well and you can feel they can help you almost instantly. That’s exactly how your clients will feel. That’s how Labelcall is building their positive experience, by delivering answers to their issues fast and precisely. What your clients will feel is that they are well taken care of, that they are in good hands. And next time they will want to buy what you have to offer, they will choose you from all the other competitors. You will become their top of mind choice

3. Client’s recognition

Now, there are some clients that need a slightly different approach. A special approach. An approach that takes time and that can be either stressful or difficult to get results from. There are some clients that are, for example, not used to buying things online, however, your shop is the only place they can buy things that interest them. Those clients tend to ask a lot of questions and usually via traditional phone connection with your customer support. But there are also, unfortunately, clients who can sometimes be a little bit fussy and helping them with their issues takes a lot of time and patience. And finally, there are those whose phones you just can’t answer and those who should be tagged as difficult… In those scenarios, Labelcall helps your e-commerce by helping you recognize who is calling you, based on the previous connection you ha with this particular client. Adding notes after every significant call can help you label your clients, based on how much time you spend with supporting them, how demanding they are and how much effort it takes to make them happy. Making them happy without Labelcall can be tricky, as you’d have to go through the entire process every single time. However, with our app it is extremely simple and time-saving!

As you can see, using Labelcall can truly help you manage your online store and your clients, while keeping them happy and satisfied. Creating their positive behaviour is important, but taking care of your business is crucial for your e-commerce. Labelcall has got both of these sides fully covered. While helping you improve your relations with clients we never forget that without your well-prospering online business, neither them nor you can be happy!


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