Shopify Installation Guide - Labelcall

APP for Shopify

Installation guide

Follow the steps listed below to install our application without any problems.



In the Shopify admin, select Apps and then click the Shop for apps button.

Or open the link


Find the Labelcall app using the search engine.

If you used link, you can skip this step.


To download the application, click the Add app button.

Click the Install app button again.


Complete your data and press Next button.

Remember to accept the regulations.


Choose what information you want to display on the phone when the customer is calling.

Tip: Don’t worry if you’ve set it up properly. These are not eternal settings.
 You can always change the information displayed and its order on our portal.


Congratulations! You got it!
Now You can login to Labelcall portal.


To enjoy the full functionality of Labelcall, you can now download our mobile app from Google Play.

To properly install our application, follow the app install guide


We also encourage you to download our free Chrome extension which extends Labelcall’s possibilities even further.


Enable the ability to display the widget while connected – Set Undo View via the arrow.


In the next step, turn off battery optimization „turn off optimization” Undo the view with the arrow.


Log in on the device using the previously entered phone number.

We wish you a pleasant use!