App instalation guide - Labelcall

Labelcall mobile app

Installation guide

Follow the steps listed below to install our app without any problems.


Download our app from Google Play.

Open the downloaded application on the home screen of your smartphone,
and then press the Next step button

Select the country and enter your phone number.
After entering the required data, press the Next step button.

Enter the 6-digit verification code sent to your phone number.
 Press the OK button

If you, don’t have account yet,

to register in the application for the first time, select the Add account.

If you are already registered, you can skip this step

Read the terms and conditions of the Labelcall app. Accept its provisions by checking the blue square and selecting the Next button

For the Labelcall application to function properly, allow access to certain parameters by clicking on the next button.

For best results and take full advantage of the tool’s functionality,

set the Labelcall application as the default for call handling by selecting the Set up button

if you have chosen dialer, installation is over!

We hope you’ll enjoy using our app!

You can skip this step by pressing the Skip button.
If you don’t want to set our app as default for call handling, you can use our widget.

Some devices prevent the widget from working properly. If yours is one of them, use our dialer.

Enable the ability to display the widget while connected. Undo the view with the arrow.

In the next step, turn off battery optimization. Undo the view with the arrow.

Installation is over!
We hope you’ll enjoy using our widget!