Woocommerce installation guide - Labelcall

APP for WooCommerce

Installation guide

Follow the steps listed below to install our application without any problems.



Download the plug-in by clicking the button


Go to your wordpress panel and then go to the plugins tab.


Click „Add New”

then click „Upload Plugin”


Drag the downloaded file to the designated place or load it directly from your computer by clicking the „Select File” button


After loading the file, click the „Install” button


Directly after installation, enable the plugin on your website


After enabling the plug-in, go to the Labelcall tab


After switching to the Labelcall plug-in tab, you are in the account configurator. Click the control button and register in the Labelcall panel. Registration is necessary for the proper operation of the application / plugin.


Go through the 3 step setup

Choose what information you want displayed on your phone during a call. You can also arrange their order by dragging the beams.

To confirm your choice, click the Next button

After the registration is complete, you will see the following message Log in to the portal by clicking the Login to portal button
After logging in, you will see this view:


To properly install our application, follow the app install guide


Open the downloaded application via your smartphone’s start screen. For the labelcall application to work properly, give permission to access the specified ones parameters by clicking the next button.


Enable the ability to display the widget while connected – Set Undo View via the arrow.


In the next step, turn off battery optimization „turn off optimization” Undo the view with the arrow.


Log in on the device using the previously entered phone number.

We wish you a pleasant use!