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What to sell on the Internet in 2021?

A good idea for an online store is the basis of sales success!

And although there are no restrictions on online sales, the products that are most often bought by customers deserve special interest in new e-shop owners. See what’s selling best on the market and get ideas for an online store in 2021!

1. Home office support devices

The pandemic that affected us in 2020 has significantly changed everyday life. The coronavirus has pushed the economy towards the Internet. Work, study and meetings almost 100% moved to the network, which generated a huge demand for home office support devices. We also saw significant price increases on the market due to limited product availability.

2. Equipment for home training

Something you’ll surely sell online in 2021 is a modest kettlebell. It’s the most popular product in the fitness arena, and since March, Google Trends has seen a huge increase in searches. Only in the last year, the category of „weight training” saw an increase of 307%.

The fashion for a healthy lifestyle combined with the need to spend time at home has a huge impact on the sale of exercise equipment. The demand for dozens of other training products is also growing now.

3. Healthy food and BIO products

The years when only the spirits paid attention to the composition of consumed products are over! Today, nutritional awareness makes us willing to reach for BIO products and healthy substitutes for popular snacks. We look at the content of fat and simple sugars. We are heading towards low-processed food and take care of the high content of vitamins and fiber in the diet. Prevention of metabolic diseases, well-being and beautiful skin are just some of the benefits of taking care of what goes into our stomachs every day!

4. Watches

The good old timepieces are making a comeback. How many times do you pick up your phone to check the time and focus your attention on the next notification? In this age of digital detox, watches are back in the game. While this sector is particularly popular in Asia, both the more economical and the luxury options are doing well in the Western world.

5. Hair pastes, beard oils

Today, barbers are experiencing a real renaissance. Places where men can take care of their stubble and have a professional haircut grow like mushrooms after rain. And with them, the number of men who use numerous care products is growing.

The idea for an online store with popular men’s care products is only the first step to success. If you put yourself in the role of an expert, build a community and show how to use individual products and to whom they are targeted – sales success is in your pocket!

6. Basic necessities – supermarket

Food products and household items are groups of products that we order online more willingly than before. For the first time many people discovered the possibility of ordering the most important purchases over the Internet – especially the group of newcomers in online shopping was joined by residents of smaller towns and seniors.

7. Electric bicycles and scooters

The year 2020 was a great surprise for the bicycle industry. The initial anxiety turned into a huge interest in bicycles. Although almost all two-wheelers were eagerly bought, gravel bikes were particularly popular. And it is in their sale that it is worth investing in 2021! The segment is developing dynamically, and the fashion for gravel roads is just beginning.

Another means of transport worth paying attention to are electric scooters. A high demand for a product is associated with a wide audience. Adults who want to avoid traffic jams are eager to use electric scooters, as well as children for whom they have become an attractive means of transport.

8. Accessories for animals

According to research, pet owners cope better with stress. In the face of the pandemic, many people decided to adopt or buy a pet. This group of people spend more time with their pets during quarantine. And since we can’t be sure that the consequences of the COVID-19 epidemic will disappear, demand for pet products should continue to grow in early 2021. In fact, pet products have always been a lucrative business niche, but now it’s definitely high time to pay special attention to this group of products if you want to make the most of your online store.

9. Smart speaker

Devices with a voice assistant function are becoming more and more popular. They slowly take over other functions, ranging from wake-up calls to online shopping. This trend will continue. The reason for this upward trend is the increasing accuracy and convenience of this technology. Manufacturers successively add new languages ​​to their devices, which makes it easier for consumers to shop online.

10. Phone case

Smartphones are our best friends. We do not part with them one step. Therefore, we want to take care of their safety, but also the appearance through which we can express our personality and individual style. An example of a product that has seen great increases in popularity in recent years is a phone case. It is also worth selling all accessories for phones that allow their users to use them comfortably, have fun and be trendy.


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