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Online business – how to start?

Being an entrepreneur doesn't mean you have to open your own production line and sell furniture in the mall.

The Internet offers many opportunities to start your own business, often for little or no fee. Business on the Internet is gaining more and more popularity. What are the advantages of running a business online? How to start running a business on the Internet?

Each of us dreams of becoming our own boss, not obeying anyone’s orders, not being subject to anyone, being able to work only for ourselves and still earn good money on it. It turns out that in the era of the omnipresent Internet, nothing is impossible, because it is enough to start your own e-business.

Many people resign from starting their own business due to the high costs associated with renting premises, renovation or hiring employees. For people who have an interesting idea for a business, but are afraid of too large investments, the solution turns out to be running a business online.


The Internet allows you to earn on what gives pleasure, as evidenced by online stores offering various types of handicrafts or the growing popularity of thematic blogs. Business advisors emphasize that before making a decision to buy an internet domain and undertaking marketing activities, it is worth starting with market analysis, i.e. checking whether there is demand for our products or services and what competition we will face. 

The simplest examination is, of course, conversations with friends, both those closer and more distant. For this purpose, you can make a survey that you send to people or ask a question on one of the social groups, it is important that you get some initial research.

This approach will allow you to build a business based on the client’s needs, thanks to surveys or talking to people you will learn what they need and what they will be happy to spend their hard earned money on.


The Internet is a place with almost unlimited possibilities, it has a whole range of tools that you can use to reach potential customers. Such tools are blogs, vlogs or various types of activities in social media.

It really doesn’t matter if you reach people with a well-written blog, a well-recorded video or a short but informative post, e.g. on Instagram. The most important thing is to choose the form that suits you best.

Remember that people are quick to sense falsehood and you will get tired instead of doing what you like best. For this purpose, you can also use your passion, if you are a good cook, write a culinary blog, if you love fishing, tell your friends about it, if your horse is photography, show what you create.


One of the best avenues for beginners is to take advantage of the strategy and training of large companies or the knowledge and experience of people who are successful in the online industry. Find a good MLM for yourself and get the necessary internship there. Contrary to appearances, companies operating on the basis of multi-level marketing are a real school of life, they prepare you to run your own business, teach discipline and change your thinking from a typical full-time to definitely more business one.

After analyzing the market and competition and finding the right sales platform, it is worth thinking about the issues related to brand building:

  • Unconventional and associated with a product or service, name – it is worth knowing, however, that in the case of services such as a virtual assistant, business advisor or coach, the best name and surname are simply the best.
  • Website – it is difficult to imagine the functioning of any business without a website, even if the company’s activities are focused on social media, a business card on the Internet significantly increases the company’s credibility and also makes it easier for customers to add opinions.
  • Logo – a trademark should be associated not only with a service or product, but also refer to the company’s values, such as high quality of services, innovation, short delivery times.
  • Offer – creating a company offer allows you to present not only the service, but also to distinguish it from the competition, it is worth emphasizing, for example, a wide selection of products, short delivery times, speed of shipment, individual projects, etc.

The domination of e-business over its traditional form

When setting up your own e-business, you do not need to rent office space, you can do your work remotely from home.

Internet advertising costs are much lower. You don’t waste money printing and distributing flyers. When running e-business, you advertise through e-mails, blog articles, your own website and positioning. E-business is not just about carrying out a transaction, it encompasses all the factors that lead to it. One such factor is Internet marketing, which uses the Internet for advertising purposes leading to the sale of goods or services. On the other hand, thanks to e-PR, i.e. electronic Public Relations, you can freely shape your company’s image on the web and communicate with the media.

Advantages of e-business

  • no territorial restrictions – anyone can become our client on the Internet, regardless of where they live. Thanks to this, we can constantly expand the range of our activities and develop on international markets.
  • high flexibility of activities – by running a business on the Internet, you can quickly change your business profile or method of operation. It is not that simple when we have a standard company with a stationary branch and employed employees.
  • possibility of starting without a lot of capital – when starting a new e-business, we do not need to have large financial outlays. First of all, what counts is the idea and knowledge about the functioning of internet businesses.


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