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Dlaczego klienci nadal wolą do Ciebie dzwonić?

It's the XXIst century and ways in which a client can contact your online business seems to be still expanding.
Dlaczego klienci nadal wolą dzwonić do Ciebie przez telefon?
Dlaczego klienci nadal wolą dzwonić do Ciebie przez telefon?

Many businesses give a real plethora of ways to communicate with them: e-mails, bots, live chats, texts, video chats. Even though there are many ways to help your client contact you, many of them still prefer the evergreen solution that some view as outdated or in best case vintage. Yet we must not underestimate the power of evergreen phone calls.

Phone calls are still the source of the highest percentage of information exchange between clients and businesses. Even though the rise of chats, many people still claim their preference for classic phone calls. According to the latest report conducted by BrightLocal, 60% of clients prefer to call smaller businesses via phone. And there are good reasons for that!

Fast & Easy

Many millennials claim to prefer texting instead of calling to get information, due to long waiting for a connection, the long time needed to explain why you are calling and feeling that texting shortens the entire communication. However properly handled phone calls with your client can take shorter than responding via chats or emails. And, even though millennials are still not convinced, after a properly conducted phone call, in which you explain all their concerns, they feel an instant connection. You speak faster than you type – and that’s the main reason why calling can indeed be faster! And while people under the age of 30 prefer to text, people above that age still prefer phone calls. It’s simply easier to grab a phone, dial or click a number and get connected.

Problem solved

Whenever your client has a problem – they would want an instant and personalized answer.
And what is more instant and more personalized than having a real human being on the other side answering their questions, giving them solutions to their problems and genuinely comforting them? While delivering a real response to their issues via phone calls, using chats can only boost their frustration.

Truly faster

There is no way to stress it enough, but let’s give it one more shot. Studies have shown that we generally speak at 125-175 words per minute. We can listen to 450 words per minute. Yet we type with the average 40 words per minute. Moreover, whenever you send a text, write an e-mail or go to a chat, you have to write, send and wait for the answer. It applies to your clients as well. If your customer support operates properly, they will answer calls immediately and be able to solve any problems within seconds, getting rid of this waiting time that everybody hates so much!

Whenever your client has a problem – they would want an instant and personalized answer.

Real connection

The thing every client is looking for, except the instant replies to their issues, is feeling that the company they are connecting with is not run by robots. And what gives them more of a human-feeling than a real person, talking and what’s more important – listening? Having a phone call gives your customer support a chance to fully understand your clients and their emotions and therefore – help them better with their problems! It is also easier to clarify everything, to calm concerned clients and to help them maintain the excitement and adoration for your products. And that’s also a good way to close the sale or to talk more about your offer.

Match your competition

Having a perfectly operating call centre is a great thing to have, but even that can’t prepare you for all your clients’ (and your business!) needs. That’s why it is s important to keep up with the newest technologies, that can help you handle your phone calls like a pro.

Labelcall helps you navigate through your clients base easier while gaining all the information you need. With all client’s details in one place, a reminder that will never let you forget about any client and having a mobile app that makes you always connected with them and that allows you to tag the ones you don’t want to be connected with. And all that while enhancing your sales. Integrate Labelcall with your online shop, personalize it and deliver the personalized approach your clients are seeking.


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