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Integrate Labelcall into your platform and see data such as ID, status and order content before you receive a call from your customer.

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Contact List

The entire customer base always at your fingertips


Full Mobility

Stay in contact with your customers always and everywhere


Free Tool

Not a penny for the implementation of the basic version

What you'll gain?

better customer service

which is seen as a competitive differentiator

positive user experiences

that have already surpassed price and product as a key factor for brand differentiation

satisfied buyers

who will come back for more

What do they say about us?

A big and positive surprise. Customer response is flawless, I greet customers with their names and I „remem ber” what they bought from me over a year ago.
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This app is a revolution in customer service! For me, I would compare the fact that it works to an airplane flying.
The customer calls and I have all the necessary information about previous services and preferences on the screen. It only takes a moment to surprise him positively and immediately adapt the right service to their expectations.

Our partnership with Shopify

We have integrated Labelcall into the Shopify platform, so that users can access customer information when making a phone call. Simply install the Labelcall plugin from the Shopify App Store and then install the app on your mobile phone. That’s all! Simple, isn’t it?

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